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  • The Green Monster

    Jealousy is a weak emotion.

    Don’t ever let other people’s success define you

    What other people are doing in life is not a reflection of your worth in the universe. 

    Fundamentally, jealousy is a product of insecurity. Don’t let this kind of self-doubt invade your spirit. 

  • "The best way out is always through."
  • —Robert Frost (via lazyyogi)
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  • "Once we stop viewing the world from the perspective of incessant personal striving to bring about or maintain what we view as agreeable, and to avoid or get rid of what we regard as disagreeable, we will be freed to discover that there is something valuable, something good, in each moment."
  • —Christopher Gowan, Philosophy of the Buddha: An Introduction
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  • "It’s often a one step forward, two steps back track, without regard to chronology or linear progression."
  • —Carlos Gonzales
  • A Prayer

    The supreme prayer of my heart is not to be learned, rich, famous, powerful, or “good,” but simply to be radiant. I desire to radiate health, cheerfulness, calm courage and good will. I wish to live without hate, whim, jealousy, envy, fear. I wish to be simple, honest, frank, natural, clean in mind and clean in body, unaffected—ready to say “I do not know,” if it be so, and to meet all men on an absolute equality—to face any obstacle and meet every difficulty unabashed and unafraid.

    I wish others to live their lives, too—up to their highest, fullest and best. To that end I pray that I may never meddle, interfere, dictate, give advice that is not wanted, or assist when my services are not needed. If I can help people, I’ll do it by giving them a chance to help themselves; and if I can uplift or inspire, let it be by example, inference, and suggestion, rather than by injunction and dictation. That is to say, I desire to be radiant—to radiate life.

    Excerpt From: Hubbard, Elbert. “Love, Life & Work.”

  • Nuc mia aka fresh pressed sugar cane juice!

    Apparently it’s a Vietnamese tradition, but this is my first time trying it. It’s so yummy! My dad told me that when he was in college the girls called him Mia, because he was tall, dark, skinny, and sweet haha!

  • Today was my afternoon of fame! Here’s a behind the scenes shot of the shoot I got the chance to help out with today!